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Troy Hanson phones it in from unincorporated Winchester, WI, outside the Fox Cities. Sky-Fi sez':

"Think Jandek / Legendary Stardust Cowboy / Wild Man Fisher / Roky stoned out of their minds playing Gate covers."

If that was even a tenth true, it would be no wonder that Kevin from Pink Reason (who sometimes drums for him) sings the Jag's praises. Astonishingly, it's almost ALL TRUE. A man conjured by his own album titles- 'Trashblues Bucket', 'Primal Dimension'- the Jag plays brilliantly bare-bones blues and strange improv, recalling the unhinged fervor of Bob Log III (in a laid-back kinda way) and the disjointed poet-folk of I Feel Tractor. In the age of ubiquitous information, the JAGRRR is sadly unknown but refreshingly free of pretense, playing it the only way he knows how: lackadaisical, fucked up, and totally killer.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 01/17/2010


Beyond California
Infinite Power Groove
Trains'll Keepa Rollin'
The Future Of No Future Blues
When Hunger Strikes
I'm The Jaguar, Baby (Better Recognize)
Livin' So Outta Touch


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