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Luka Usmiani phones it in from Glen Rock, NJ. Solo project from a dude who also plays bass in Fluffy Lumbers and Big Troubles, and in a noise band called Maids with Sam from FL.

No Demons Here is bedroom pop from the bottom bunk. Or more likely from under the mattress, under the bed, from the place where you stashed your childhood dreams and fears. It's walking a fine line, singing about being eight, with the deep voice of an adult, in one song, and then skipping ahead to death in another (though they're probably all about death, ultimately), laying things out as plainly as Luka does. Which is where the magic is. The magic is that there is no line. Not like some Matrix BS, but like the line is miles away, and Luka's music is freed from even considering it. His songs are a warm punch in the gut, innocuous-seeming phrases repeated until they accumulate different meanings, vague yet still emotive. Other parts swallow you whole with eyes wide and unflinching. Maybe it would be uncomfortable, if it just wasn't so thrilling.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 01/15/2010


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