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Daniel Lopatin phones it in from Sudbury, MA. Increasingly prolific over the last few years, Oneohtrix (pronounced 'On-e-oh-trix,' sort of the opposite of the Oneders in the movie 'That Thing You Do') has been consistently at the crest of the blissed out analog synth/planetarium cassette tape thing. Beautiful and hypnotic sci-fi New Age recalling Popol Vuh's Herzog soundtracks, that you want to go on forever, or at least until Danny's amp dies, which it unfortunately does.

Other projects include Astronaut and Dania Shapes, and Total System Point Never (collabo with Vinnie Paternostro of Total System Failure and Sonic Suicide Squad), Infinity Window (with Taylor Richardson of Prehistoric Blackout, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, and Purple Haze), and Skyramps (with Emeralds' Mark McGuire).

Dude is on a serious roll.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 07/02/2009


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