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Bridget Cross (original lead singer for Velocity Girl, before leaving to form Unrest!) and George Kuhar (of rockabilly soul power trio Basin Street) phone it in from Juneau, AK.

Between the transcontinental long-distance, Bridget and George's cordless phone, and me frantically trying to control the resulting feedback (instead of just letting our fancy broadcast limiters do their job), the sound's all over the place on this one at first, though it still sounds much, much better than I feared it would, especially as the set goes on. So what does it sound like then? Well, catchy as hell, like the dance party in the club downstairs that always fucking keeps you awake at night. A little dangerous, too. So why not get out of bed and take a chance, yeah?

And if you like what you hear at all, definitely check out the recently released (high fidelity) album on Teenbeat!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/22/2009


Baby's Lost In Tracks
Feathers And Wings
King Corporate
Gravestones And Christmas Trees
Why Oh Why


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