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Old-school Baltimore/DC weirdos/luminaries Mark Jickling (Half Japanese, circa '81-90), Elizabeth Downing (Lurch and Holler, &c.), and Chris Mason (The Tinklers) phone it in from Baltimore, MD. An apter band name you couldn't come up with: Old Songs sing 7-4th Century BC Greek poems set to old-time Appalachian music. Literally, some of the oldest songs, intoxicatingly married to archaic American music. My Big Fat Greek Hoedown? OK, that was a bad joke, but Old Songs' music is anything but!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/20/2009


Evening Star [Sappho]
Hermes Gimme A Coat [Hipponax]
Rich And Lazy [Hipponax]
Hermes, Blissful Hermes [Hipponax]
Beautiful Ones [Sappho]
Athi [Sappho]
Truly I Wish To Die [Sappho]
3-Legged Pot [Alcman]
Kingfisher [Alcman]
The Mountain Peaks Are Asleep [Alcman]
I Wish I Could Touch Neoboule's Hand [Archilochus]


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