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Ed Askew phones it in from Washington Heights in Manhattan, NY. Considered a lost legend a la Michael Yonkers or Tom Rapp, Ed released one album for ESP-Disk in 1969 (and recorded another that was only recently released by De Stijl) before supposedly dropping off the map. Like Yonkers and Rapp, though, Ed never really disappeared. After time spent focusing on visual art and other projects, he slowly started recording again and has gone from a leisurely pace to about an album a year for the last ten years. 'Freak-folk' or 'outsider music' before either term existed, Ed's songs are refreshingly free of artifice. Unfortunately, like Yonkers as well, Ed suffers from hand and throat problems that prevent him from playing often, so this one's special. Also as a result, the piano backing tracks (no tiple, unfortunately) are prerecorded, but the virtuosic harmonica is live. Enjoy!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/24/2009


Friends & Lovers
For The World
Deep Water
Maple Street
Drum Song


Ed on MySpace Ed at YouTube Ed at allmusic Ed on WNYC's Spinning On Air Ed on WFMU Ed's albums at Ed at Destijl Records
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