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From a six-piece to a trio to a duo, Gary War and Gigi Whiz phone it in from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Somewhat of a mystery, Gary used to play in Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, was one half of Boston's Chas Mtn., may have played in Blank Dogs (or at least is in a band with Mike Sniper called Roman Soldiers, but then again, who isn't in a band with Mr. BD these days?), and has also played with Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders and Sore Eros. Damn.

But what Gary's becoming best known for, and rightfully so, is his solo work, what the Pinglewood blog describes perfectly as "urgent warnings delivered from a metal cloud at the bottom of the ocean." Apocalyptic psych, like the bridge from the Cure's "A Forest" stretched into an entire genre, with Gary War as its deathpunk Elvis. Perfect music for the phone lines.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/15/2009


Highspeed Drift
No Payoff
Edge Of Mess
Good Clues
What You Are
yeknoM retsiM yeH


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