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Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore, Lindsay Schief, Andrew Dorsett, Adam Oelsner, and Mark Morrison phone it in from Olympia, WA, playing together for the first time in a few months. If ever there was a supergroup (or just a super group), it's LAKE. Between them all they must be in like 100 bands: Half-Handed Cloud, Islinds, -a, Skrill Meadow, Swimming, Desolation Wilderness, Kickball, Water Island, the Palisades, Live Active Cultures, Number Bear, etc., etc. Whew.

Incorporating elements of Karl Blau's blue-eyed soul, DIY indiepop, West African highlife, the Grateful Dead (to my ears, anyway), and more, LAKE are one of the most unique, refreshing bands active right now. Seeing them the first time a few years ago in Boston, I was nearly lifted off my feet. It's always a party with these guys, an exuberant reunion. Nothing but pure magic.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/11/2009


Don't Give Up
Blue Ocean Blue
Oh, The Places We'll Go
The Devil's Nine Questions [traditional]

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