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KDVS Recordings' own Troy Mighty phones it in from Sacramento, CA, right across the causeway. Why not just invite him down to the studio? Because then he wouldn't be phoning it in, now would he?

Picture a tall, skinny, neat, white guy. Now picture what sounds like the exact opposite of that. This is 'Ol' Man River,' from beyond the grave. Troy's voice is a beast: restrained, but deep and dark, the deepest and the darkest. Floating amorphously over sparsely plucked guitar, it's hard to think of an apter name. Dead Western indeed.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/25/2009


The Smallest Things
A Father Ain't A Man
Abandoning Offering, A Prelude To
So Many Signs
Where The Wind Will Blow [truncated]


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