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Jon Sunde, Jason Sunde, and Jesse Edgington phone it in from Amery, WI whilst packing things away in preparation to tour in support of their very recently released and very excellent 'In Deference To A Broken Back' album. Extremely sunny songs about extremely morbid things (sample song titles, not played here: 'A Conversation About Cancer', 'Bury You Alive', etc.). But what else can you expect? Well, the unexpected, of course, but also prodigious whistling, creative junkyard percussion, and ecstatic doo-wop harmonies that simply lift things off the ground and separate from the songs completely. You'd never guess this music was emanating from America's Dairyland rather than southern California circa 1966.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/23/2009


The East Coast
We're Not Friends
Acceptable Loss
Parade Of Tigers
A Near Death Experience At Sea


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