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Andrew Chalfen, Beth Filla, and Adrien Reju, with a little help from Owen Biddle, phone it in from Philadelphia, PA. Like OutKast and the Wu-Tang Clan, the Trolleyvox are a band with a split personality who are also impossible not to like. To accommodate their far-reaching musical interests, the Trolleyvox's latest album, 'Your Secret Safe/Luzerne' is split into an expectedly wonderful psych and power pop disc, and a surprisingly introspective acoustic disc. Live the band effortlessly combines these aspects into a cohesive and catchy whole, as witnessed on this stripped down session. The Trolleyvox's world is sunny and unfailingly positive (despite the phone static), without a cloud in the sky or a bird not in song, a world into which you're invited along.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 03/27/2008


Deep Blue Central
I Know That You're High
It's Not Real
Dome Of The Sky
Rabbit In The Sun


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