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Black Jake and his carnies Gus, Zach Pollock, BP Weatherwax, Joe Cooter, and Kingpin Billy LaLonde phone it in from a robotics lab in Ann Arbor, MI. We like to think it's filled with animatronic pirates, but the magic of radio is that you can picture whatever you want. The original kings of crabgrass, these proud Ypsilanti miscreants, outlaws, and ne'er-do-wells set fierce murder ballads, cautionary tales, and unhinged standards to the beat of a punky old-time string band. When Black Jake howls for blood, and the Carnies rattle their fiddles and banjos, board the windows and grab the whiskey, cuz' the night is long, the band is tight, and no one gets out alive.

James Brandt, BSR 02/28/2008


Last Ecstatic Liniment
Paper Outlaw
No Diamond Ring
All The Difference
A Happy Easter To Ya
Swing Low [just barely cut off]

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