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Eef Barzelay (formerly of Clem Snide) phones it in from Nashville, TN. For a period of time that coincided with their existence as a band, Clem Snide were one the best bands in the world. Now Eef is one of the best solo dudes in the world. He also recently scored the highly recommended movie 'Rocket Science'.

I remember in college someone told me I had to listen to Clem Snide because they were "a country band from New York City!" Little did I know at the time that there are at least hundreds of country bands in Brooklyn alone, but that Clem Snide was hardly one of them. What elevated them above the rest were Eef's poignant, subtle stories and "heartfelt, paranoid rants" filled with puns, Jews, and lost, awkward people trying to do right in a lonely, difficult world. All wrapped up cunningly with a warmth and camaraderie that's all too rare in music these days.

Some Clem Snide classics and some tunes from Eef's upcoming album.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 02/21/2008


Tuesday, October 24 [Clem Snide]
The Girls Don't Care
Jews For Jesus Blues [Clem Snide]


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