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Phoning It In conquers the frontier- yep, that's right, Alaska. Hawaii watch out!

Incredible crooner and great storyteller Ramon Alarcon (ex-Denver in Dallas) phones it in from a cabin Big Lake, AK, about 40 miles from Anchorage, only a few days before heading back down into the continental US, actually. Soft-spoken and gracious, Ramon has one of the most distinct and affecting voices around, used to great unaccompanied effect here because the Alaskan cold busted his guitar.

Phoning It In is always kind of an experiment- we never know what quality phone connection we'll get, and sometimes who will be on the other end. But this has to be the first truly experimental show. It's certainly the first one I've ever sung on. For a fun game, count the number of times my voice cracks like an adolescent's.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 02/28/2008


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