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Life-long New Yorker Lach (real name unknown), THE MAN WHO INVENTED ANTIFOLK, phones it in from somewhere on Avenue C on the lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. Holding down the Antihoot at the Sidewalk Cafe for the better part of fifteen years- and at the Fort before that- Lach has in effect helped launch the careers of Beck, the Moldy Peaches, Michelle Shocked, Regina Spektor, Hamell on Trial, and many others, and has proved hugely influential to many, many more. One of the most unique voices in music for 20 years and counting, he doesn't get out much, so this one's a real treat. Yep, a real treat. A good mix of songs from his newest album plus others about various vices.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 02/28/2008


I Want To Be With You
A Quiet Distance
Smoking Again
Six And A Nickel Bag [excerpt]
Coffee Black
This Ain't A Song

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