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John Crodian phones it in from West Chester, PA.

My girlfriend always complains that I only listen to downer music, so one day was like, 'No way, I just got this CD-R from a dude who plays silly songs on the ukulele!' Of course, silly is a really reductive description, John plays more than the ukulele, and 'You, Me, And 4'33"' is one of the most bitter kiss-offs laid to tape, but the point still stands. Singing joyously about hardcore pasts, awkward romances, and sleeveless T's, John succeeds where so many others fall flat. There's really nothing as satisfying as a good story well told (or rather, a good song well sung), and John's got 'em coming out of his ears. I love it!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/31/2010


For An Aging Youth Crew Warrior
Mainline Communication Breakdown
Launch Pad
You, Me, And 4'33"
Let's Hear It For Sleeveless T-Shirts
Another Song About Sitting On Porches
Agent Orange Baby
Failed Attempts At Facial Hair


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