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Jonathan 'JB' Brokaw phones it in from a beautifully echoey loft in Kansas City, MO, his third appearance under as many monikers. It's been great to hear JB's songwriting expand by leaps and bounds with each Phoning It In set, and this one's no exception, a collection of mean folk-blues that owes as much to Billy Childish as it does to Phil Elverum. If Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads, I think All Blood bought it back at the pawn shop.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/09/2010


King Of The Fleas
Anne Katherine
Insecurity/Dreaming Of You [incomplete]
Great Barrier Grief
Don't Get Discouraged
Birds Of A Feather
Love To Love Loud [Charles Manson version]


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