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Michael Yun, Megan Brennan, John Gnorski, and Tommy Yasuhara phone it in from Portland, OR. The Threads of Grass's 'Sun Tunnels' LP was the most incredible thing I heard last year, a gentle puzzle of lushly arranged psych-folk (sans any of that baggage, though) and ridiculous harmonies that revealed new corners with every listen. In fact, there was so much singing it was hard to figure out who the bandleader was (hint: it's Michael). Amazingly, they're able to recreate that sound live, and over the telephone no less, with just a coupla people and an electronic tambura. If you could record sunlight, it would sound like this.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/15/2010


Big Star
The Shore
Sunflower Constellation Seeds

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