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Aaron Schmidt, the man formerly known as At Night, phones it in once again from Arcata, CA. Dude's come a long way since his last Phoning It In set. I liked At Night a lot, but Aaron's songs under the Godwater moniker belie a maturity of both craft and vision that's all too rare in singin'-songwritin' these days. When you're a West Coast dude with a guitar it's hard to outrun the long shadows of a Mount Eerie or a Thanksgiving, but I believe Aaron's done it. Godwater is the sound of pushing and reaching, trying to make sense of a world that constantly defies explanation. Music to make things a little more humane.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 01/18/2010


Oh, She Flew
What We Lost
Our Footprints
Into The Deadly Night
If You Hold My Love
While You Live [Adrian Orange]


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