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Muslim Delgado (aka Mozzley M., aka Muzz, ex-Leaders) and Clay Silva (ex-Clorox Girls) phone it in from Portland, OR.

Gulcher Records has really been mining gold with their roster of contemporary bands: Kurt Vile, Home Blitz, Magik Markers, Handglops, etc. And Meercaz, rock and roll primitives out of place even on one of the best primitivist labels around. Channeling 70s glam and hard rock through a filter of formative era proto-punk and contempo whatever-wave revivalism, the unholy mess of Meercaz stands alone. Too shambolic and weird to be power pop (despite the LP on Tic Tac To), too unabashedly in love with T. Rex to fit comfortably next to anything on Columbus Discount, and too undeniably ON to ignore.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/14/2009


Defeated At Home
Never Too Late To Learn
Brain Scanning
Dutch Is Poison
Amanda [Steve Peregrin Took]


Meercaz on MySpace Meercaz at Tic Tac Totally! Records Gulcher Records
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