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Kyp Malone phones it in from Frenchtown, NJ, a Borough in Hunterdon County, shortly after a West Coast tour with Diane Cluck. As the guitarist and golden-voiced falsetto of TV on the Radio, Kyp needs no introduction. Rain Machine, on the other hand, is an obviously more personal affair, the album's recording mostly a product of chance. While listening to TVOTR often feels like being strapped to a rocket, Rain Machine folds inwards, tripping through coursing veins and along nerves into a maze of inner spaces. The raw results, squeezed through telephone wires like water through a hose, are anthemic, powerful. Though some of the songs may eventually have made their way into TVOTR songs- others into sporadic solo shows or onto CDr's mixed down from 4-track for friends- Rain Machine is unmistakably Kyp Malone's beast to tame, here stripped down to the intimate essentials of Kyp's majestic voice and resonator guitar.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/13/2009


Stork & Owl [TV on the Radio]
No Free Ride
Cock Crushing Heart
New Last Name
Give Blood
Winter Song


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