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Kip Uhlhorn (Cloudland Canyon), Kelly Uhlhorn, BJ Rubin, Keiland Holleman, and James Blasingame phone it in from Memphis, TN. Sort of a clusterfuck that turned out pretty well, all things considered. I was late calling, by which point the band was four beers in and rehearsing covers (I heard some Velvets and, um, Crash Test Dummies during our rushed soundcheck). Not that I'd change a thing.

On record, Eden Express play an effortlessly breezy update on prime Tropicalia; it was the song 'On The Beach' that first turned me on to them, the highlight of Bathetic Records incredible 'Summer Bummer, Get Laid, Get Wasted' comp. Here the band sounds less like a detour from Cloudland Canyon, playing immersive jams channeling psychedelic sambas and Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game' from the bottom of the ocean (or maybe buried in the sand). Picture the epiphanic moment from some film where the protagonist stares at the sun from the bottom of a swimming pool, only the epiphany here is REAL.

I could listen to this on headphones on repeat for ages.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/09/2009


On The Beach
Loneliest Person [The Pretty Things]
Sister [Cloudland Canyon]
Dark Times


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