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Sound artist and songwriter Julia Shammas Holter phones it in from Valencia, CA. A co-founder of the Human Ear Music collective (also home to Gary Wilson, Ariel Pink, Jib Kidder, Nite Jewel, etc.), Julia's music is full of strange and sparkling dichotomies: experimental but accessible, sophisticated yet naive, catchy or haunting?, simple ingredients yielding complex results, medieval French poetry meets Bryan Ferry glam. And with only her echoed voice and a Fender Rhodes, she's created some of the most beautiful, beguiling sounds that have yet graced this radio show.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/29/2009


In The Same Room
Je Vivroie Liement [Guillaume de Machaut]
Monocular Eyes
A Gold Thunder
Fur Felix
Moni Mon Amie
2HB [Roxy Music]

Links Julia at Human Ear Music Julia on MySpace Video of '2HB'
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