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World-famous 'Canadian wannabe' B.J. Snowden phones it in from Billerica, MA, along with her mom Ms. Virginia Snowden.

I used to go see BJ play a lot around the Boston/Cambridge area. And often people would quizzically ask why- somehow her music is polarizing. BJ's songs are simple and catchy, innocuous-seeming ditties about "Life in the USA and Canada," more like show-tunes than anything else. But it's the performance that really makes her stand out. Dressed to the nines, occasionally accompanied by her son or mother (who attends every show in a shirt with BJ's face on it, and throws out candy), BJ is the single most enthusiastic performer I've ever seen. It only takes a single performance to dispel- destroy- all cynicism.

Everyone sings along to every song. People shout requests, and BJ plays them. As a concert experience, it couldn't be more satisfying. And while this over-the-phone performance doesn't even come close to capturing the real thing, hopefully it will introduce you to the magic that is BJ Snowden.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/02/2009


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