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Caroline Rosalie Brouard phones it in from her grandmother's house in the south of London, England. Another of that best kind of show: nothing more than a MySpace page as her sole web presence, no apparent connections to anyone we know or know of, and music that transports you somewhere else. The trans-Atlantic sound quality is a little rough around the edges on this one (that burst of feedback at the beginning of 'Words Waltz' is the worst of it, though, so keep listening!), but slowly the fuzzy ambiance envelops you completely, only adding to the fragility of Caroline's perfect songs. Oh, to have been in that room!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/27/2009


Words Waltz
For Nancy
Everything Here (For Richard Farina)
Two Tongues [Marie Sioux]
Bones Waltz And Healing Hands


Caroline on MySpace
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