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Legendary radio host (see WNYC's 'Spinning On Air' and 'Evening Music') and musical polymath David Garland phones it in from Manhattan, NY. As unique and talented a musician as those he's featured on his radio shows (from John Cage and John Zorn to Devendra Banhart and Wooden Wand), David has counted in his own band Sufjan Stevens, Diane Cluck, and Viking Moses, and in his time in NYC has performed with many of the luminaries of the downtown scene: Christian Marclay, Bill Laswell, Ikue Mori, Arto Lindsay, and many others. Of course, all this name dropping doesn't begin to do justice to the music, a transcendent folk that draws from all over the map both musically and conceptually. David's songs are exuberant and free of pretense, two of the attributes I prize most in music, as well as inventive and just damn fun. Enjoy!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/08/2009


Every Bird
Splinter Heart
My Pony's Falling
My Contraption


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