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Kevin Heim, Jason Jolly, Joseph Peterson, and Brian Whitney mail it in from Milwaukee, WI (don't get any ideas, cel phone users!). That is, they couldn't find a landline for over a month, so they made a live recording and sent it to me, then we had an embarrassing phone interview. Awesome!

Per their MySpace page's suggestion, here are the pertinent signifiers:

"Appropriate overused adjectives: angular, dissonant, noisy, chaotic, jagged, shredded, gnarly, metallic.

"Obvious lazy band comparisons: PiL, the Fall, the Birthday Party, the Jesus Lizard, Liars."

Gabe Miller, BSR 08/07/2008


I Don't Feel Alone, But I Am Alone
Ich Bin Expert
Pacific Scenarios
Whitney Vs. The Pedals
Bermuda And You


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