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Insanely prolific sonic explorers and "three-man scene" Justin McInteer, Grant E. Capes, and Tim Goodwillie phone it in from the Echo Curio gallery in Echo Park, LA, CA.

One look at these guys' discography (well, it'll take a couple of looks to digest, actually) and you wonder how they also have the time to run a curiosity shop/art gallery, run record labels, play in a dozen other bands, have families and lives, etc. A couple of listens to these guys (that's all it'll take, actually) and you'll be stunned by the consistently stellar quality of their output. Stellar in the literal sense, improv jams that fly off the rails, joyously into the heart of the deep unknown.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 05/29/2008



Links (VxPxC) on MySpace Echo Curio
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