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Indiepop legends Mark Robinson (Teanbeat! Unrest! Air Miami! Flin Flon!) and Evelyn Hurley (Blast Off Country Style! Hot Pursuit!), with drummer Cardinal Robinson, phone it in from Cambridge, MA. Along with Dischord and Simple Machines, Teenbeat has pioneered DIY for the last 20 years, and Mark and Evelyn have been in some of its biggest and best bands. This one's as sweet, fun, and family-friendly as Cotton Candy's sugary namesake, only much, much more awesome. Not to say that cotton candy isn't good, but that Cotton Candy is just that awesome. So good!

Part two of a double-header with Laura Veirs.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 05/22/2008


Fantastic And Spectacular
Jerry's Ford [Jingle]
Invisible Kisses
Jhoon Rhee Self Defense [Jingle by Nils Lofgren]
Pug Nose Face
The Spirit Of Massachusetts [Jingle]
Free Love On The Free Love Freeway


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