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Ilya E. Monosov, with Dan Swenson on the last track, phones it in from a closet in Washington, DC. Ilya's range is incredible, having collaborated with the likes of legends Pauline Oliveros and Tony Conrad; sound artists Andrew Deutsch, Marc Schulz, and Preston Swirnoff; Acid Mothers Temple's Makoto Kawabata; poet Bob Cobbing; guitarist Matthew De Gennaro; and more.

He also plays in the bands Womb (including Castanets' Ray Raposa and the Skaters' Dan Bryant), the Shining Path (the rock version of the Monosov/Swirnoff duo), and the occasional supergroup Mountain Home (including Marissa Nadler, Fern Knight's Margie Wienk, and Espers' Greg Weeks), and produces hip hop.

None of these lists, of course, is meant to distract from Ilya's own extensive talent and accomplishments as an improviser, composer, songwriter, and producer. This beautiful set includes five austere songs from his first 'folk' or 'pop' record on Weeks' Language of Stone label, and a final drone piece arranged just for this show.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 04/03/2008


Ms. Desolate
I Open My Arms
Winter Lullaby
The Beauty That You Are
The Burning Flame


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