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Dylan McKeever and Maria Schoettler phone it in from El Cerrito, CA, not far (500 feet, actually) from Berkeley. The exclamation mark in their name is their's, but we're also super psyched. They whistle, they sing, they even use my two favorite chords: C and F! This shit is catchier than a flu pandemic, the kind of simple yet well-orchestrated pop that catches you off-guard and makes you lean in closer- no, closer- closer, still- until you're so deep in it you can't imagine what life was like without it. The word 'special' gets a bad rap, but if anything is truly special, it's Antarctica Takes It!

James Brandt, BSR 02/21/2008


I'm No Lover
Lions Of Love
Fog Song
C And F
Tram #7 To Heaven [Jens Lekman]


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