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After nearly three years(!) of correspondence, Travis Morrison (formerly of one of my absolute favorite bands, the Dismemberment Plan, and currently of his own Hellfighters and several gospel choirs) phones it in from his office in midtown Manhattan, NY. The man Pitchfork couldn't kill weighs in with three unexpected covers and a great one of his own.

As he puts it:

"I feel like I'm a Radiohead video: there's nobody around except cleaning people and I'm singing into a phone. I just feel like Thom Yorke should know, people do win, it really does happen. So that's my situation. I'm under fluorescent lights on West 57th Street in New York. It's crazy. Through two windows I actually have a beautiful view of downtown New York City while I sing. So this is an unusual gig."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 02/07/2008


Love Is A Stranger [Eurythmics]
Found A Job [The Talking Heads]
Song For The Orca
Up On The Roof [The Drifters]

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