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Pontus Tenggren phones it in from Gothenburg, Sweden. All of My Brother's Girflfriends shares members with Rough Bunnies and the Flame, and make the same kind of adorably neurotic, sexy, and insanely catchy lo-fi- think Beat Happening or Jonathan Richman, with a thick Swedish accent. AOMBG are more gold than ABBA. Pure gold.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 07/01/2005


A Song About Tigers [Based on 'Calvin & Hobbes']
That Girl
We're Through (And I'm Pretty Happy About It)
Tell Me
Turn The Lights Off
Sunscreen Pt. 1
Kitty On A Rocket

When We Were Kids [The Flame]


AOMBG's website AOMBG at Hello! Surprise!
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