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Ukrainian ex-pat and former Bostonian ice cream scooper Alina Simone (ex-Emma La Reina) phones it in from Hoboken, NJ. It's a stunner, a dark slow-burner that even takes a vacuous pop song to emotional places you never thought it could go. Fans of Dry-era PJ Harvey, early Spinanes, Sinead O'Connor, Scout Niblett, or Cat Power take note.

Sez' she:

"My songs are about places where nothing and everything seems to happen - pawn shops, access roads, malls, gas stations - and all the gorgeous, impossible possibilities that other people can bring into your life. Yes, I know it's kind of raw and messy."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/30/2005


Velvet Painting
Love And Rockets
Oops!... I Did It Again [Britney Spears]
Black Water

Links Alina's old website Alina at 54-40 or Fight! Records Alina at Fractured Discs Alina on MySpace
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