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The all-too-short-lived and sorely missed Weirdo/Begeirdo- Britt Brown, Amanda Holzer, Claire Evans, Meagan Yellott, and Molly Rodgveller- phone it in from Los Angeles, CA. Their sole full-length album, 'So I'm Dude in This Equation', delighted almost everyone who heard it, except for most music critics, who it seemed actively to piss off. "Sloppily destroyed and bored insider pun-pop" recorded entirely on toy instruments, that builds to truly epic climax.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/25/2005


More, More, More [Andrea True Connection]
What I Thought Was A Whisper Was A Song
Total Genius
Precipitation Nation
Past Is A Present
Put A Hat On Your Love (Hate)


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