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Cousins Anna and Frida Vermina (also members of the Flame, Inside Riot, and All of My Brother's Girlfriends) phone it in from Malmo, Sweden, where they're playing at the Perfect From Now On festival. The bio on their website is well worth reading, as is this long description from Fred Thomas, whose Ypsilanti Records released Rough Bunnies' only 'widely' available album:

"I once saw an interview with the members of Nirvana talking about when they toured with Shonen Knife and would cry every night while they watched their set out of sheer joy and unrivaled beauty. I didn't think much about it or even try to understand that feeling until my band played a festival in Sweden last year and the Rough Bunnies played right before us. Hailing from Malmo, this duo (with occasional guests) encapsulates a sense of innocence, joy, confusion, and real youth-style feelings and communicates them in a way so honest it's hard to look away, whether or not you like the music. All the elements of amateurish-yet-immediate songwriting and musicianship that go into the songs of the Rough Bunnies could illicit comparisons to bands that came before with a similar vibe: the Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, the Vaselines, Moldy Peaches, Shonen Knife, et al. But paying attention and really getting to know the group, you come to understand that they're not just another band that SOUNDS like those life-changing, unsung, widely overlooked and underrated groups, nor are they trying to coyly mimic that feeling. The Rough Bunnies are the next band on that page of history, a beautiful and amazing, if dog-eared and tea stained page."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/24/2005


My Baby Has Only One Eye
Balz Came And Went
See How I Smile [The Flame]
Puppy/Love! [The Flame]
Dance With Your Shadow
What A World
Poppy Eye
I Spy On Your Heart
Rough Bunnies Saved My Life

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