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John Vanderslice (producer and songwriter extraordinaire, DIY hero, and ex-MK Ultra) phones it in from Tiny Telephone in sunny San Francisco, CA. JV has an unnatural gift for translating great tragedy into rational and compelling narratives, and then setting those short stories to music. He remains clear-eyed when others would cry, defiant in the face of anger, apathy, and melancholy. It's a long way between MK Ultra's 'The Dream Is Over' and his own 'Keep The Dream Alive', a distance JV easily bridges now, and it's about time we all did, too. This show also features one of Phoning It In's finest moments: John being interrupted in the middle of the moving 'Dead Slate Pacific' to smash for the cash.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/22/2005


Trance Manual
White Plains
Dead Slate Pacific
Dear Sarah Shu
Keep The Dream Alive
Radiant With Terror [Adapted from 'Fall 1961' by Robert Lowell]

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