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Nathaniel Cardocci (most recently of Les Petit Championettes) phones it in from Bethlehem, PA. If you thought early Bright Eyes was hard to listen to, listen to this. Metaphor, entendre- totally out the window. Nothing but brutal, crushing honesty. His cassette on Natrix Natrix is called 'Slow Death' for goodness sake!

"Discordant juvenile rock as painful-sounding as true heartbreak. Kind of like having your appendix burst."

Yes, these are all accolades.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/21/2005


Fast Kids
Camera Lens
Mr. Christopher (Early Version)
Everything Is Going To Get The Best Of Us Now
Drink And Crash My Car [Ramon Speed]
Sinking Ships
Leave The Light Off
Paid In Full
The B-Pad


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