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Amanda 'Pixie' Beddard and Steve Gigante (Dark Inside the Sun, Old Time Relijun, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Brother JT, Fork in the Blender, THETEETHE, etc.) phone it in from Knoxville, TN. While Pixie soars through fairy dust lyrics of magic and might (you'd never expect someone named Pixie to sing so strongly!), Steve waxes nostalgic with an acoustic guitar. The context is simple, the scope is mighty, and everything is done with great care, from the elaborate packaging of their releases, to the chimes Pixie plays during their set (be sure to listen loudly or on headphones so you can hear them!). Overwhelmingly honest and unnervingly beautiful.

"A wealth of dignity and loneliness."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/15/2005


A Smokier World
Spring Comes
You Will
Two Dreams Tucked In Tight
Five Faces Waving In The Wind


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