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Grace Braun, unsung siren of the South, and harpist Sue Volkert phone it in from Clarkston, GA, outside of Atlanta. After more than 20 years, Grace has become one of America's most talented, prolific, and, yes, criminally overlooked singer-songwriters. Her voice can be a bell or an axe, from her solo career focusing on folk, country, blues, and ballads, to her early days as DQE's Queen of Mean, playing at times psychotically unhinged rockabilly.

"Grace is a mesmerizing performer and a singer capable of both enormous strength and breathtaking intimacy, but it is as a songwriter that she is carving out a legend. Her songs have a timeless quality, with a combination of simplicity and depth rarely achieved in the last decade. Steering clear of her generation’s irony and cynicism, Grace’s songs are vulnerable, and often powerfully moving, and her melodies are so full of life, they sound like they’ve been sung for generations."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/08/2005


Fly [Nick Drake]
Silver Apple
Broken Lilies
It Won't Hurt
From The Morning [Nick Drake]
The Seven Sisters [traditional]
Which Will
Jeanette [cut off]


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