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Adrian Tenney, Jade Thacker and John Barlog are collectively Hotel La Rut, who phoned it in from a warehouse that normally hosts experimental music shows. This was actually the first time I heard this new band, but I knew it would be great because Adrian has been in a handful of Griznar Music Collective bands, including Pangea, God Equals Genocide and b.y.o.f.f. Definitely worth the gamble. For a hearty dose of upbeat (and sometimes dirty) pop songs, check out this set. It will cheer you right up!

Elisa Hough, KDVS 05/16/2011


The Work Song
Vacation Station
Fix This Mess
Cactus Song
Hose Me Down
C'est Marveilleux l'Amour
Good Time Fun
Bye Bye Love


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