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Brendan Mulvihill and Eric Slick from Norwegian Arms phoned it in from a long-lost friend's house in Philadelphia. Their oddities start with their instruments: a mandolin and a plastic Rubbermaid tub. But from those rarely used items, along with Brendan's unique vocal style and Eric's spastic rhythms (he also drums for Dr. Dog), emerges an intriguing music form, not quite like anything else I've ever heard. The whole project grew out of Brendan's stay in Siberia - he shared a little bit of the story here. Also, these guys cracked me up.

Elisa Hough, KDVS 05/02/2011


Run! Ran! Run! Rah!
She Lives in a Secret Town
Wolf Like a Stray Dog
Cardinal Directions
Soviet Bicycle
EZ A L<3VR Goes West (Be Fruitful, Wear Less Clothing)


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