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Jojo Brandel phones it in from his dorm room at UCLA, with a couple of backup singers and a roomful of fans. Jojo, who happens to be my little cousin, started performing at age 14, fronting the Bay Area indie pop starkids Please Quiet Ourselves. They all grew up and went separate ways, and then Jojo and I spent a few months in Okinawa, Japan.

He took influence from everything we saw and everyone we met, and created this new project, MOE MEGURO. This set includes more experimental song structures, some previously untold stories from Okinawa, and a lotta pizazz.

Elisa Hough, KDVS 02/14/2011


Basic Human Interaction
For Risen
Baby Meguro
Fun Just Sitting Down (PQO)
International Cutie Pies
San Mai Niku
Donna Trucker Atlas (PQO)
Drunk Driving


Moe Meguro on Bandcamp Moe Meguro on MySpace "Ideal Roommates" video filmed in Okinawa Please Quiet Ourselves on MySpace
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