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Kehkin (Nevin Kight) & David Jaberi Download mp3 | Stream mp3
Kevin Knight and David Reza Jaberi phone it in from David's home in Eureka, CA. Originally only David was scheduled, but he wasn't feeling quite prepared (check his killer solo sesh a few weeks after this one, though). As luck would have it, Kevin was coming through on tour to save the day, and inspire David to play some anyway. You might say these guys were raised on a diet of Phil Elverum and hiphop, but, then, that would sound trite at best. The truth is, these are just two talented dudes, reveling in the pure joy of writing songs and making music together. Winsome, adventuresome folk-pop and loopy loops. Presented by Schweppes.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 07/06/2009


Kehkin - Skin To Stretch
Kehkin - The Sun Don't Go Down In Montana
David Reza Jaberi - Earthquake Country
Kehkin - Loop Improv 1
Kehkin - With Wind
David Reza Jaberi - Loop Improv 2 >
David Reza Jaberi - Bad World


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