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Zach Burba, Chris McFarlane, Jon Manning, Keenan Dowers, Eli Damm, Jordan Michelman, and Erin Birgy phone it in from in the midst of a chaotic scene at the Vera Project in Seattle, WA. Exuberantly led by Zach's tentative voice, iji (pronounced 'ee-hee') are a motley indiepop supergroup-in-the-making, accreting members the way they accrete styles, from bands like Patience Please, Gazelle, Sundance Kids, Blanket Truth, and more. A broken guitar, instruments all over the floor, a perfect session. iji is at their best when they sound like they're about to careen off the rails, which is most of the time. Off the rails and into your heart. So catchy! Summertime jams! Love it and put it in you!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/08/2009


Long Branches And Roots
We Don't Ask Anymore
Tiny Antennas
Eulogy Deer
Street Light


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