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Fucked up one-man band Stefan Neville phones it from the bottom of a well in Auckland, NZ. Ukulele pop songs ('pop' being the word of the moment for describing difficult music, but whatever- Stefan's music is 'catchy' in its own compelling way) and a TON of foghorn reverb. Reverb on the practice amp, some looped Walkmen, and even more reverb provided by playing through a pair of intercoms. Seeing Stefan play behind a stack of tiny amps and baby monitors is always a hoot. Murky and dirty and feeling so good; insanely prolific, wholly unique. Warm and buzzing and beautifully broken, Pumice might be the lowest of the fi, from a country that's produced some of the best of it around. Crank it loud and distort it some MORE.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/27/2009


100 Days [gfrenzy]
Sunday Doom [Gfrenzy]
Tonight The Kids Sleep In The Car [gFrenzy]
Town Ghost [GFrenzy]
Fort [Pumice] / Life Sucks [CJA]
Vacinity Facility
Maybe Baby [Buddy Holly]


Pumice on MySpace Pumice at Front Porch Productions Pumice at Soft Abuse Last Visible Dog Records Pseudo Arcana
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