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What-fi? Beach bum Adam Croce (of Rainbow Bridge, etc., and who thankfully only has a landline) phones it in from Olympia, WA.

Was turned on to the misty majesty of Broken Strings by a post on the Nodzzz' blog, quouth:

"...deep pop of the highest caliber. Dynamic, strange, and just stunning Summer-spent-in-the-bedroom type of songwriting...Similar bands have let loose a song/band aesthetic which sings through a fog of Californian sprawl, boredom, and surf-myth, but I don't think any of them have laid it out as beautifully as Adam has..."

By the last two songs, the tide of feedback has come to reclaim Adam for the open ocean. But it's still perfect. Also features sentence-length excerpts from Joey Goebel's novel 'The Anomalies'.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/27/2009


Lonely Love
Sender Receiver
As I Raved Through The Universe
As Long As I Am Near
She Burned Her Ukulele
Revolving Doors
One Of These Nights [The Eagles]


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