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Author, activist, professor, and musician Sarah Dougher phones it in from Portland, OR.

I'd never heard of Sarah before John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats highly recommended her on the very first Phoning It In, but it turns out I knew her after all, from the Lookers, ace indiepoppers the Crabs, and Cadallaca with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney. And yet her solo songs are better than all of these.

Here she plays some complex and intense songs from the self-released 'Harper's Arrow', as well as some old classics.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 05/11/2005


It's A God Damned Lie
The Old Way
You With The Nightlight On
The Doctor With The Sham Degree
All I Can Do Is Lay It Down
Lightening Came Through Me


Sarah's website Cherchez La Femme Sarah on MySpace Sarah at K Records Sarah at Powertool Records
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