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John Murphy and Brendan Hughes of Magic Magic, one of the best new bands in Boston, phone it in from Dedham, MA. Live or on recording, ask five different people who Magic Magic recall, and you'll get at least five different answers- the Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, the Walkmen, the French Kicks, even, um, Mazzy Star. And yet they still sound completely their own. Over the phone you don't get the benefit of their dual drummer attack, but you do get a sense of the exuberance these guys bring. I once saw John play a show where he sang the text of an antiquarian children's book, set to on-the-spot improvised music. It was truly magic.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 01/31/2008


Over Your Heart
French Song
Washington Or Bust
Aiming Guns, Drawing Lines


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