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After a valiant search for a land line (but almost zero turnaround time in setting the show up), once and future Moldy Peach Adam Green phones it in from the offices of Wiz Kid Management in Manhattan, NY.

"For now, Adam Green is a solo artist. Let's get that out of the way, because those words seems to have become a synonym for bland. There have been moments of beauty and inspiration, true, but far more common has been a slew of staid safe songs, as solo, so-called singer-songwriters rattle around music's ribcage like a stone heart. Where once the visions of artists like Dylan or Bowie led to musical innovation, now being a soloist seems like free therapy for a bunch of acoustic guitar-toting saps. Adam Green is a solo artist- but he doesn't spew his pain. Rather, Adam's songs are unique, funny, and carefully crafted, rallying against the predictable and obvious."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 01/17/2008


Be My Man
Her Father And Her
Tropical Island
I Wanna Die
Morning After Midnight
We're Not Supposed To Be Lovers

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